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Welcome to the specialized web site for laryngectomees and tracheotomees in Europe.

Here, you will find useful information for your illness, diagnostics, treatment and prevention.

The rich variety of brands and models of speech aids, accessories and consumable materials will allow you to make the optimum selection, which will guarantee your effective rehabilitation and social inclusion.


"Sanitas Medical" Ltd. is the official representative for Europe of the ROMET electronic larynxes, manufactured by Fountain Head MarketingInc.–USA, and of the Nu-Vois electronic larynxes, manufactured by NuVois LLC.- USA. Our company is an established supplier of medical products and technical aids for disabled people with many years of experience.

Our company policy to offer high-quality and high-tech products of established and renowned global manufacturers guarantees the achievement of optimum rehabilitation and sustained social integration of people with disabilities, and laryngectomees and tracheotomees. The established team of professionals and our service facilities are an additional guarantee for the quality of the services we provide.

"Sanitas Medical" Ltd. is a licensed importer and retailer of medical products with License № BG/WDA/MD-0447/12.08.2021, issued by the Bulgarian Drug Agency of the Ministry of Health in the Republic of Bulgaria, which is a member of the European Union.