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An AL ( artificial larynx) is a device which is one means of communicating after a total laryngectomy. 

A. Always have your stoma covered with a soft, porous, non-shedding cover.
If you are exposed to excessive dust, pollution or other irritants, use a double protective covering, with the outer one dampened to create moisture in your airway. 



Laryngectomy is a surgical procedure for the partial or complete removal of the larynx, usually applied as a treatment for cancer of the larynx.

Losing your voice is certainly going to have a huge impact on your life, if you have had your larynx completely removed (a total laryngectomy).

The diagnosis of cancer will affect your life. You will have choices and options for treatment. You will have information and support about the cancer and how to deal with this diagnosis.

Laryngectomy home care