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Electronic Larynx R100

R 100 Genesis
300,00 € each


The Romet R100 Series is ideal for producing a low frequency, vibro-acoustic stimulus to "wake" the fetus.


  • Often the baby is sleeping; some movement is needed for proper monitoring
  • The Fetal Acoustic Stimulator (FAS) uses rechargeable Lithium 9V batteries producing a low-frequency, vibro-acoustic stimulus to "wake the fetus"
  • Perfect for the busy doctor, clinician, nurse, or midwife
  • The R100 Series Fetal Acoustic Stimulator was designed to help the clinician quickly determine whether the fetus is at risk and reduce the apprehension of the mother.

The ROMET® GENEIS R100 Features:

  • Peace of Mind 3 Year Risk Free Warranty
  • No Tools Required
  • Simple to Use - no Volume/Pitch to Adjust
  • Durable, Lightweight DuPont Derlin Material
  • Oral Adapter & Five Clear Straws
  • Removable Lanyard
  • One 9V Alkaline Battery
  • Great for Primary or Back-Up use




Manufactured in accordance with ISO standards CE Class I 93/442 Medical Devices, the Romet® R100, R110, R120 ElectroLarynx is ideal for stimulating the fetus.
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